Teachers Course

Kizomba/ Semba Teachers course

Sinds several years, the Kizomba teachers course is available to everybody!
Kizombalove Academy will provide you the best Kizomba/ Semba teachers training available on the market.


The purpose of this training will be to expand the knowledge of the Kizomba to the public, with a special emphasis on Kizombalove dance style.


1. Foundation course – Learning the basic structures – 11h

2. Intermediate course – In depth study – 11h

3. Advanced course – First step to mastery – 12h

4. Teachers course – Mastery in practice – 24h to 30h

5. Professional course – Semba Practical course (module I, II, III) – 4h to 12h


« Discover the 9 dimensions of the « José N’dongala Kizombalove Methodology »

The number of didactical tools is such that at the end of the training you will be ready to tackle most of the job left and ahead. This can be combined with traineeship. The participant will also be ready to give lessons on his own right by the end of the training program.


Besides the teaching training based on modules, we have developed a highly dance technicality whereby the participant reaches in a short period of time his own Kizomba dance style. Particular attention is paid to the style, rhythm, tempo, leading and following and much, much more.


Want more details on how this course could help you? Please send us an email to ndongalaj@hotmail.fr  or call at +32 (0) 487 67 89 20.


Date: 17 – 19 August 2018 (Foundation course)


-Friday, August 17th; 7:00pm – 11:00pm (includ. breaks)
-Saturday,August 18th; 2:00pm – 7:pm (includ. breaks)
-Sunday,August 19th; 1:00pm – 6:00pm (includ. breaks)


Teacher: José N’dongala

Teacher assistant: Frans Soenen and Sarah Amaro

Price: 295€ (promotional price  incl. syllabus, certificate & online video platform)

Places: Brussels


 24-26 August 2018 (Advanced course)


-Friday, August 24th; 7:00pm – 11:00pm (includ. breaks)
-Saturday, August 25th; 1:00pm – 7:pm (includ. breaks)
-Sunday, August 26th; 1:00pm – 6:00pm (includ. breaks)


Teacher: José N’dongala

Teacher assistant: Frans Soenen and Sarah Amaro

Price: 349€ (promotional price  incl. syllabus, certificate & online video platform)

Places: Brussels

  • Theoretical classes :
  • Musicality/ Music theory
  • Kizomba & Semba History
  • Didactic/teaching methodology
  • Kizomba & Semba music styles
  • Kizomba & Semba Singers
  • Developing music skills and rhythm
  • The importance of “Anacrusis” to master Kizomba
  • How to develop a genuine dance attitude
  • Key difference between Kizomba & Semba
  • Personal Development


  • Practical classes (Angolan style)
  • Kizomba & Semba (basic structure)
  • Kizomba & Semba (Advanced structure)
  • The secrets of leading & following
  • Choreography
  • 3 basic holding while dancing Kizomba
  • Devagarinho steps
  • Dips & Tricks
  • Kizomba & Semba dance structure
  • 12 basic ways of doing the “break on 3” while dancing Kizomba & Semba.
  • Improvisation

José N’dongala launched the first official and professional “Kizomba teachers course” syllabus in January 2012 in Belgium. It is the first professional “Kizomba teachers training” syllabus on the market. His Kizomba teachers training program is called “José N’dongala Kizombalove Methodology” teachers course. He is also the person who officially introduced Kizomba and Semba in Belgium.

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