Founder José N’dongala

Jose N’ dongala was born in Luanda, Angola and like many others of his compatriots he has an inborn sense of rhythm and dance. As from an early age on, he benefited from private lessons of dances such as Kizomba, Zouk, Tango, Lambada, Salsa, Merengue, Ragga and Hip-Hop.


Already at that time, N’ dongala felt the desire to share the pleasure of dance with others and began teaching his friends the dance steps which he had learned. In Belgium, he first performed as a dancer via the “Groovies” dance centre, on stage with several known singers. Additionally he deepened his musical knowledge by learning the piano.


His goal is to promote, through dance, the contact between people within the framework of the cultural diversity of our society. He also intends to transmit the true meaning of the expression “the pleasure of the dance” while providing an additional way to keep a healthy life. “Dancing to make music apparent” is his motivation and remains a permanent truth.


He has a great affinity for languages and speaks Dutch, French, Portuguese and Lingala. Furthermore, he is fluent in English and Spanish. Becoming an interpreter, an obvious choice, did not prevail however over his first passion: the dance.


José N’dongala is the person who developed the Kizombalove methodology. He now lives in Belgium, promoting Kizomba through the Kizomvalove Academy.


José N’dongala is an international Kizomba promoter and instructor who has been sharing his experience in countries such as Belgium, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, UK, Luxembourg, Germany, US and others.


He launched the first official and professional “Kizomba teachers course” syllabus in January 2012 in Belgium. It is the first professional “Kizomba teachers training” syllabus on the market. His Kizomba teachers training program is called “José N’dongala Kizombalove Methodology” teachers course. José N’dongala is also the person who officially introduced Kizomba & Semba in Belgium.

Private lesson of Kizomba and Semba with José N’dongala



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