You might know Rabbil as the “new kid on the block”.  Based in Brussels since early 2018.

Fresh member of the Kizombalove Academy, after many years following and admiring the amazing work done by The Kizombalove Academy Founding President and Artistic Director, José N’dongala.

Rabbil got the opportunity to be adopted artistically and professionally.  Being trained by his mentor José N’dongala, Frans Soenen & Sarah Amaro (which has been a dream for him ever since he was in his homeland Burundi) is a wonderful privilege for him.

He has started his Kizombalove adventure by paving his way with his first Kizomba/Semba teachers training:

– Foundation Course on 19/08/2018
– Semba Module1 on 31/08/2018

He’s now discovering the European dancing scene with his East African vibes.

Originally from Burundi, he taught himself to dance Kizomba, Semba, Salsa, and Bachata. A pioneer of the East African afro-latin dancing  scene, he and his team (Salsa in Kigali) brought Kizomba and Semba to Kigali.  They organized the first ever Kigali Afro Latin Dance Festival in 2017 and Rabbil represented Burundi at Danzibar Dance Festival 2017 in Zanzibar. A natural talent and teacher, Rabbil is known for adding his own spice to every dance.

Don’t be surprised to catch him on the dance floor when the party starts and still find him there when it ends! If you haven’t met him yet – just look for the guy with the most colorful outfit!