Kizombalove Casting Call

  • 26.06.2016
  • 14:00 - 06:00 pm

To all kizomba amateurs in Belgium willing to add an artistic dimension to their kizomba knowledges, here is your chance.

Kizombalove Brussels presents the first « kizombalove casting».

Public auditions for all those interested, that will last a whole afternoon with the purpose of spotting people with skills and motivation in order to set up a group of students, who will present several artistic projects on various national or international scenes.

The goal of those auditions will be to choose between all the candidates a bunch of people who will follow a training with the purpose of performing one or several shows fully created and made by our care. Criteria that will be assessed are the following
– Speed of learning
– Scenic expression
– Style
Of course availability of every selected person for the trainings afterward will also be a critical point, given that attendance will be compulsory for every training sessions.
It implies also that the level will not have much weight on our decisions, so don’t hesitate to come and present yourself to the casting even if you only have a few months of experience in kizomba.
The only criterion to fulfilled will to already be able to dance kizomba.

Note that all practical information about the casting in itself and all what will follow will be communicated during the first part of the casting so it is important to be on time this day.